The Kirby Family on vacation in Traverse City, MI


Welcome to the Kirby Law Office, PLC


If you are looking for an attorney that will look down at you and talk to you with a condescending tone then you've come to the wrong place. When you hire the Kirby Law Office, PLC you can be assured that you will be treated like family and there is nothing more important than family.

You'll find that Kirby Law Office, PLC has a different philosophy when it comes to billing its clients. Many attorneys charge clients for items such as postage, mileage, and emails/phone calls from the clients. You will never see a charge for one of these items on a Kirby Law Office, PLC invoice. Postage and mileage are just part of the job and we don't ever want our clients to feel like they can't call or email because they are being billed for every minute. If you have a question, pick up the phone or send us an email. Be assured that we are not punching a time clock as soon as we say hello.

The Kirby Law Office, PLC provides affordable and competent legal services in the areas of Family Law, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Landlord/Tenant matters, Collections, and DUI. We proudly serve the counties of Livingston, Oakland, and Genesee.